Walt Disney's Light & Learn

Another battery operated game with Disney cartoon characters donated to the Museum in the 1980s, is an updated version of The Knapp Electronic Questioner. Light and Learn GameDisney's version is a bilingual adaptation using Disney cartoon characters with Mickey dressed in his fancy outfit from the Disney landmark motion picture Fantasia. In one sequence of this film Mickey is the "Sorcerer's Apprentice".

The game was manufactured by the Milton Bradley Company and is designed as an "educational game" to teach younger children how to recognize, compare, and match images.

The photograph on the right illustrates a board in the box. Note that on the right side of the board are a column of silhouettes in black. The other columns have a number of pictures of Disney characters in full color.

Inside of GameThe player's task is to match the silhouette to one of the colored pictures. This is suggested by the title panel on the left side of this board which features Donald Duck's nephews -  Dewey (blue), Huey (red), and Louie (green). 

For example: the first silhouette in the first column is of Mickey. This silhouette matches the colored picture of Mickey in the third column.  The second silhouette is of Donald Duck's girl friend Daisy Duck. This silhouette matches the colored picture right next to the silhouette in the second column. The next silhouette is Goofy, the fourth is Clarabelle Cow, and the fifth is Pluto.

Second Game boardOther boards have different information. For example, the board on the left challenges the player to match the correct hat for the type of illustration in column one. In the first picture Goofy is cooking, so the correct hat would be the chief's hat in the first picture of the second column.

A player could just point to the right answer, but this game has the added fun of offering audible information. The plastic figure of Mickey (held in the child's hand in the photograph on the left) is wired to a battery controlled device inside the box under the boards. When the player places Mickey on the square which is the correct match - a buzzer sounds and Mickey light up!

Last update March 17, 2010