Pommawonga - A Bilboquet Game

How to play the game

Pommawonga Bilboquet

This Bilboquet is a a ring and pin game. It is a stylized version of a North American Indian game. Pommawonga in English means "spear the fish". The intent of the game is to throw the tethered rings (the ribs of the "fish") into the air and catch as many rings as possible on the pointed end of the pin as the rings fall. Then in a second throw - while trying not to lose the caught rings - catch the triangle (the head of the "fish") on the pin.

About The Equipment

This Bilboquet was purchased in 1975 from the World Wide Games Company in Delaware, Ohio. The game is machine made of hardwood. The pin is 87cm long x 5.5cm wide in the shape of a triangle. The string tether is anchored into the center of the base of the pin and threaded through 10 hardwood disks. The other end of the tether is anchored into a hardwood triangle.

Last update March 3, 2010